Netanyahu says he does not accept the Hamas and Fatah reconciliation


Netanyahu told members of his security cabinet that although Israel would not accept the recent reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, it will not try to prevent the agreement from going through and the reconciliation will not lead to breaking the relations with Fatah.

Netanyahu also told security officials that Israel would cooperate with Palestinian Authority staff members who move to Gaza to hold positions in civil society and local government as it is in the country’s interest that living conditions are improved in the coastal enclave. Since there are previous agreements between Fatah and Israel.

Sources who preferred to remain anonymous told Haaretz that Netanyahu told the United States and Egypt that he did not believe that the agreement between Hamas and Fatah would lead to peace talks between Israel and Palestine

Israeli right-wing Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, told i24NEWS that Israel should not break security ties with the Palestinian Authority. “We don’t have to sever security ties, no one’s talking about that,” said Bennett, “I would just point out at the same time the PA needs us much more than we need them. If you give them a week without Israel, the PA would implode because Hamas would take over as it did in the Gaza Strip.”