Settlers attempt to torch village mosque, south of Hebron

Hebron/ PNN/

Israeli settlers from Ma’on settlement, which is located on West Bank lands in the southern Hebron hills, on Sunday overnight attempted to torch the mosque of Twaneh village, as part of their systematic attacks on the village to intimidate and deport its residents.

According to eyewitnesses, extremist settlers stormed the area and tried to set fire to the mosque. Then, a number of citizens woke up to the noises, and forced them to leave.

Locals also said that the settlers attacked the homes in the area, adding that Israeli occupation forces, who were present in the vicinity of the village, fired tear gas at the village, causing several cases of teargas inhalation.

Locals went live on Facebook to show the clashes in presence of Israeli soldiers.

Posted by ‎انس اليتيم‎ on 14hb Oktober 2017



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