ICSPR urges Palestinian gov’t to take quick actions as new round of Fatah and Hamas talks begin

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The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) published an urgent appeal advising the Palestinian government, the international society, and Palestinian parties to and take quick actions as the new round of talks between Fatah and Hamas under the Egyptian mediation is taking place now to protect the dignity of the Palestinians people and to ensure the following:

First of all, support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people to face the Israeli policies which ignore the international law, including its continuous blockade on Gaza which resulted in cruel and inhuman living conditions of 2 million Palestinians in addition to the continuation of settlement policies. ICSPR also called upon them not to sacrifice the Palestinian people rights, mainly their right of economic and political self –determination to achieve economic or political flimsy profits, which some international and regional projects adopt to eliminate the Palestinian cause.

Secondly, safeguard the Palestinians’ dignity in the occupied Palestinian territory (iPt), especially in the Gaza strip, where the people suffer from cruel deterioration of humanitarian conditions, due to the government procedures against the strip. The government still delays implementing their real and serious plan, which aims to overcome the effects of the division, especially those are resulted from the recent collective punishment. Therefor, the people suffering and the unprecedented deterioration of the human rights in Gaza is still the causing and leaving many victims. Moreover these cruel conditions are negatively affecting the entire life style in Gaza, especially the sectors of health, education, electricity, water, economy, trade, banks and other vital important sectors. These repressive measures also effects on how much do the Palestinians enjoy their rights, especially journalists, writers, and opinion-holders who have been pursued and arrested under new laws such as the new law of the Electronic Crime. All of that restricts the people freedom and rights in the West Bank which can be considered as violations according to the Palestinian Basic Law and the international covenants.

Depriving the Palestinian society from practicing their legitimate rights and the suffering that resulted from that including the inhuman conditions in the Gaza strip urge the Palestinian political institution, the Palestinian government and Fatah and Hamas to ensure the following:

First, Building a new Palestinian strategy that responds to the Palestinian people aspirations and included by real steps in order to achieve the following:

  • Facing the Israeli settlement plan.
  • Putting pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift its siege on Gaza strip.
  • Reforming the Palestinian liberation Organization with its institutions
  • Building a political system and social contract on the concepts of human rights and democracy,
  • Strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in their lands.
  • Intervening systematically to improve the Palestinian refugees’ conditions, in order to ensure the continues work of the UNRWA, and in parallel to ensure that the Palestinian refugee enjoys the international protection of the refugees
  • Facing the Israeli measures, this aimed to Judaize Jerusalem and divides it by time and place, by strengthening the capabilities of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem,
  • Functioning the new international position of Palestine in the United Nations to get benefit from the Palestinian involvement in the international conventions and acquisition of members of international organizations, which seek to expose the occupation diplomatically and internationally and accountable for its crimes before the International Criminal Court .
  • Refusing any regional and international plans which seeks to eliminate the Palestinian cause .

Secondly, they called for Implementing immediate plans made by the government to reduce the effect of the recent collective punishment against Gaza strip and not to link them with the takes which are taking place in Cairo between Fatah and Hamas. ICSPR urges the government and the international to work on quick intervention to raise the supplement of power coming from the Israeli lines which was cut under the Palestinian Authority’s request to be the first step in a strategic plan to end the power crisis in the Gaza strip. In addition to,

  • Quick treatment of patients’ problems especially those with serious and chronic diseases because of lack of medications and the inability to obtain medical referrals and treatment.
  • Abolish all illegal measures imposed on the local banks and the measures against the charitable and nonprofit organizations to enable them to carry out their duties towards the Palestinian people.
  • Reversing all the decisions related to the employee salaries deduction
  • Reversing all the decision of referring public servant to early retirement
  • Amending the law of The Electronic Crime and taking all the civil society remarks on this law in consideration to ensure retreating the decision of blocking number of websites.

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