Registration opened for the “Thru Hike”which introduces the country’s nature and history


Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil organization on Wednesday opened registration for participating in a track that will carry out a hike starting  from the north of the West Bank to the south of it.

The 21 day path will commence   on  4/11/2017, and will be open for locals and tourists alike.

The trail is 330 km long and extends from the village of Rummana northwest of Jenin to Beit Mirsim southwest of Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi (Ibrahimi Mosque) in Hebron. It passes through 53 cities and villages where hikers, walkers and travelers can experience the legendary Palestinian hospitality.

The Communications Officer in Masar Ibahim Al-Khahil, John Atiq, announced opening of the registration for those who want to participate in the track known as Thru Hike, as they have launched a complete course of walking for November this year.

Atiq added that the track will be led by a team of specialists for the whole 21-day trip that follows Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil.

He stressed that participation in this hike has more than one dimension, including getting to know the archaeological sites in Palestine as well as the meeting new people, and the most importantly is to be introduced to the nature of Palestine and its diverse topography. He pointed out that the weather will be very suitable during the course, which is scheduled to begin on 4/11.

Atiq welcomed everyone who wishes to participate in the Masar which represents the nature and heritage of Palestine, and pointed out that it is an opportunity which only happens in March and November of each year.

Executive Director of Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil organization. George Rishmawi, said that the organization sees this hike as having the potential to tell the world about the Masar Ibrahim.

“The more people who know about it, the bigger the difference it can make to the Palestinian communities living along the trail,” Rishmawi said.

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil is a long distance cultural walking route in Palestine.


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