Initial agreement points of the Palestinian reconciliation meeting in Cairo 

PNN/ Cairo/

The Palestinian reconciliation meeting sponsored by Cairo on Tuesday has reportedly had a positive atmosphere, according to a statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting that lasted until the a late hour.

The statement said that the talks were held “out of a sense of national responsibility and in response to the aspirations of the Palestinian people looking for an end to the division, achieve national unity and strengthen the steadfastness of our people.”

The meeting discussed “in depth” a number of issues related to the reconciliation “with the purpose of ending the suffering of the Palestinian people and easing the living conditions in the Gaza Strip,” said the statement.

Websites close to the Hamas movement have published the pin points that were discussed in the meeting. These included:

Elections & Ministries 

It was reportedly agreed to enable the Central Elections Commission to exercise its functions and start the technical preparations for the elections after the signing of the final agreement and the participation of the Palestinian factions in signing the arrangement of the Palestinian house in the PLO and the Presidency.

With regard to the file of ministries and security services, it has been agreed to restructure the ministries and security services. Each minister will meet with the ministry staff and restructure the ministries between the old employees and the new employees and around the security services. It was agreed to activate the police, the national security apparatus and the intelligence apparatus as the first three.

As for the file of public freedoms, it was agreed to stop the political detention and non-prosecution in Gaza and the West Bank and provide a positive atmosphere and atmosphere suitable for the upcoming elections.

Egyptian Border

The meeting agreed on the deployment of PA security services which will include members of the Palestinian Authority and members of the security services in Gaza jointly to secure the border with Egypt.


The meeting agreed not to put the weapons of the resistance on the table of discussion, however, it agreed on forming higher council to discuss the cessation of “peace and war” without the decision to escalate stems individually from any Palestinian faction.

It was agreed to enable the government of national accord to carry out its work in the Gaza Strip, and support the security and police forces, in addition to forming a joint committee to facilitate the judiciary, courts and prosecution.

Egyptian intelligence also agreed that Fatah and Hamas would disclose the details of what was agreed upon on the third day after the end of the meetings to ensure the success of the meetings.

Crossing Points

The meeting agreed on both parts jointly managing the crossing points under a European supervision, and opening the Egyptian Rafah crossing gradually until the completion of the renovations and repairs in the terminal buildings.


As for the employees’ file, it was agreed to form a legal committee to study the files of the employees of Gaza for a period not exceeding 120 days. During the period of the committee’s work, the salaries of the government and donors will be paid out.


The Fatah delegation conveyed a message from President Mahmoud Abbas that reconciliation should be achieved no matter what, and that there must be no chance for this process to fail.

The Hamas delegation also stressed the need not to return to the division at any cost.

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