Video: New project to preserve the iconic Solomon Pools site in Bethlehem

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The Solomon Pools preservation and Development Center on Tuesday launched a project to preserve the historic site of Solomon Pools in Bethlehem, through a $750,000 scholarship by the U.S. State Department’s Ambassador Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP)

The project will repair and protect canals and establish designated walking paths to protect the surrounding archaeological elements and allow visitors to tour the site without risk of damage, preserving the site in order to attract tourists to it, being an essential cultural and historic icon in Palestine, especially that it will

General Manager of the Bethlehem Convention Palace, George Bassous, stressed that this project delivers the message of the importance of preserving history and seeking to develop tourism and culture, while preserving the Palestinian land from ongoing threats by the occupation.

President Engineering & Construction at the global Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Samer Khoury, said that his company sees the city of Bethlehem as    an important cultural icon, adding that it has established the Convention Palace to embrace Palestinian culture, noting that the pools pools have an important history and cultural heritage which need to be revived.

Khoury said that the Israeli settlers are trying to steal Palestinian the land, which makes it a duty to protect and invest in it through reconstruction and construction, to prevent Israeli control over it.

Regional Director of CCC, Walid Sayel, said that the project will work on the infrastructure the third pool since it is damaged and has lots of cracks.

Sayel stressed that the restoration was the biggest concern for the company, since the pools were a main sources for distributing water to the city of Jerusalem, adding that it required a lot of scientific research to understand the techniques of restoring it in the best possible way, taking it as a duty of the company to repair such a site and restore it to reflect the cultural image of Palestine.

Sayel also thanked the US Consulate General in Jerusalem for enabling the CCC company to carry out and manage this project with the funding grant.

To her part, the Cultural Attaché to the US Consulate General in Jerusalem, Robin Solomon said that the US council in jerusalem had the pleasure to take part in this project that would preserve a site.

This project carries messages of how important it is to preserve history and develop and promote tourism, especially in palestine, a land which is continually threatened by an expanding occupation.

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