Rightist Israeli minister calls on Israel to stop transfer of tax revenues to PA


Israeli extreme right wing Education Minister Naftali Bennet called on Israel to terminate the transfer of tax revenue to the PA, in response to both Palestine membership in the INTERPOL and to the current reconciliation process between Hamas and the PA.

In an another extremist statement he said that, “Israel must stop acting as ATM for terrorism”, “This isn’t a Palestinian reconciliation, but rather Mahmoud Abbas cozying up to a murderous terror organization, he added that “Transferring funds to a Hamas government is like Israel transferring money to ISIS in return for the cash, we’ll get missiles fired at us” he said.

This is not the first time Bennet made extremist right wing statements as he previously said that more people should have been “eliminated” in the war of Gaza calling them “terrorists”.

Bennet said that three conditions would be set as conditions for continuing to transfer funds to the PA, including the return of two bodies of Israeli soldiers killed in the 2014 war on Gaza. Bennet is expected to bring up these demands in the upcoming cabinet meeting.

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