Netnyaho: “wont accept reconciliation at the expense of Israel’s existence

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu condemns the Palestinian Unity government saying that “we won’t accept reconciliation at the expense of Israel’s existence.”

Netanyahu told a Likud meeting in Ma’aleh Adumimin settlement block that,  “imaginary appeasement where the Palestinian side is reconciling at the expense of our existence,” adding that anyone who discusses a peace process must recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

He explained, “Whoever wants to reconcile, our position is very simple, Recognize the State of Israel, dismantle Hamas’ military wing, cut ties with Iran that calls for our destruction, these are very clear things that we have previously and clearly stated.”

Netanyahu’s remarks come hours after the extremist right wing Minster of  Education Naftali Bennet called for Israel to halt the transfer of tax revenue to Palestinians on Tuesday, in response to both Palestine INTERPOL’s membership and the current reconciliation process between Hamas and the PA.