Palestinian left calls on involving all parties in the reconciliation process

PNN/ Ramallah/

The five democratic forces, which include the Popular and Democratic Front, the People’s Party, the Fida Party and the Palestinian National Initiative Movement, held their regular meeting in Ramallah, where they welcomed the Egyptian efforts and recent developments that opened the door for the reconciliation, including the dissolution of the administrative committee in Gaza Strip.

It called on the five factions to accelerate the reconciliation in order to end the enormous suffering of our people in the Strip, including the cancellation of the procedures related to salaries of workers in Gaza and the electricity supply to the it.

It called on the democratic forces to speed up an immediate meeting for all national and Islamic forces in order to accelerate the full implementation of the national reconciliation agreement which was signed in Cairo in May 2011.

The five forces also called for the end of the division to ensure that the Palestinian people regain their democratic right to hold the presidential and legislative elections and the Palestinian National Council as soon as possible and adopt the principle of proportional representation.

The five democratic forces affirm that the implementation of the national reconciliation agreement and the achievement of national unity will play a decisive role in adjusting the balance of power for the Palestinian people in the face of Israeli conspiracies.

The five forces stressed that they would out in all the efforts to ensure the end of division and the and complete implementation of the national reconciliation agreement