IOF storm Bethlehem, arrest doctor and rampage her house

Bethlehem\ PNN\

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday dawn stormed Deheishe Refugee Camp and Al-Doha town, located in southern Bethlehem, central West Bank, where they rampaged a house and arrested a woman and attacked protesters with teargas.

Dozens of Israeli soldiers this morning broke into Deheisha, and caused burning of a house in the camp, which caused intense clashes with the youths.

Later, the soldiers moved to the neighbouring town of Al-Doha, where they destroyed a house and arrested a woman from it, Dr. Amal Abdullah Kamel.

IOF opened fire at her house, and civil defense crews rushed to the area.

IOF also detained schoolchildren as they were heading to school, and heavy clashes broke out, where youth threw stones, and IOF responded with throwing tear gas, sound grenades and live ammunition.

Dozens of the youth suffered the side effects of teargas inhalation.