AFRP delivers Aziz Shahin scholarship to Ramallah charities and institutions 


Members of the Ramallah Municipality welcomed Dr. Hanna Hanania, President of the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine (AFRP), and others in July, to receive donations to various Ramallah charities and institutions from the Aziz Shaheen Scholarship Fund.

A ceremony was held at the Nadim Al-Zaroo Hall in the Ramallah Complex, with Mr. Musa Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah in attendance as well as members and employees of the Ramallah Municipality, the AFRP, and representatives of the charities and institutions benefiting from the Scholarship Fund.

Mr. Musa Hadid, on behalf of the Mr. Hassan Abu Shalbak, said the Ramallah Municipality celebrates the legacy of Mr. Aziz Shaheen and his family for making it possible for several of Ramallah’s institutions to receive these generous donations to help fulfill many of their charitable projects.

“It is Mr. Aziz Shaheen who teaches us a lesson in citizenship, to be the righteous son of his beloved city,” said Mayor Hadid. “He made a conscientious decision to put service over self by ensuring the wellbeing of Ramallah and many of its projects were taken care in the future as benefactors of the Scholarship Fund.”

Mayor Hadid added that the Scholarship Fund has contributed to Ramallah on many levels in the development and growth of Ramallah. “The Aziz Shaheen initiative is unique in that it has provided funding for numerous local institutions, and the Ramallah Municipality is honored to have this favored son of Ramallah’s name on its main squares and on the Aziz Shaheen School and others in the area.

In addition, Mr. Abu Shalbak thanked the AFRP for their contributions in financing  several projects for the development of Ramallah, and relayed the importance of their role in serving Ramallah’s expatriates.

Ms. Amal Daoud, President of the Ramallah Federation in Palestine, emphasized that the AFRP is proud to be responsible of managing the Aziz Shaheen Scholarship for the benefit of some of Ramallah’s local charities for the purpose of developing the educational, social and cultural sectors in Ramallah.

Also, Ms. Daoud reported that the Ramallah Federation was involved in many activities throughout the year to promote a sense of depth of belonging to the country in every sense whether by material, moral or social support.

Dr. Hanania presented the scholarship awards to the respective charities and congratulated the recipients, expressing his delight in participating in this important ceremony on behalf of one of Ramallah’s most iconic citizens, the late Mr. Aziz Shaheen. He said the AFRP is working diligently to spotlight the injustices and suffering of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation, and working to promote the perspective of Palestinians to the American public including politicians. He reiterated that the AFRP’s main goal is to help and support Palestinians in general and people from Ramallah in particular.

Throughout the years, the AFRP has managed various projects in Ramallah and surrounding cities by purchasing land for projects such as the Palestinian Medical Complex in Ramallah and building the Ramallah Hospital in 1961, Also, the AFRP has supported the medical mission initiatives to Ramallah, and has donated medical equipment. And has provided educational scholarships for nearly 300 Palestinian students and provided financial aid to others.

Another AFRP initiative is Project Hope, where young adults – children and/or descendants of expatriates – come to Ramallah and perform service projects and other work. The two-week program is organized by the Ramallah Municipality, Sarreyett Ramallah and the AFRP.

The Women’s Union; the Greek Catholic School of Our Lady Annunciation; Sisters of Saint Joseph School; Saint George School;the Evangelical Lutheran School of Hope; Sisters of the Divine Savior/ Kobeiba Shelter, and the National Society of the Visually Handicapped. A representative of each gave a preview of their work and how these scholarships will allow them to continue.

Through its generous donations, the Aziz Shaheen Fund has established many centers of learning and culture throughout Ramallah and its surrounding cities such  as the Aziz Shaheen College, the Nassib Shaheen Theater and Hassib Shaheen Medical Center at Birzeit University. In addition, the Aziz Shaheen Foundation supports the institutions and schools of Ramallah city annually.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Dandish Debka Group performed for attendees.