PA weekly meeting to be held in Gaza

PNN /Ramallah/

The Palestinian Unity Government spokesman, Yusuf al-Mahmoud, stated that the “Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and after consultation with President Mahmoud Abbas has issued the decision that the weekly government meeting will be in the Gaza Strip by the middle of next week”

It’s noteworthy that this meeting comes briefly after Hamas made a statement earlier this month that it is ready to dissolve the administration it had established in recent months to manage the affairs of the Gaza Strip, hold general elections and immediately begin direct reconciliation talks with Fatah. This decision was reportedly a response to the Egyptian efforts.

He also explained that “Hamdallah, and members of the government will arrive in Gaza Strip next Monday to hold the government’s meeting after Hamas announced its approval to dissolve the administrative committee, and enable the government to assume its full responsibilities in the southern provinces”

Al-Mahmoud added that the Palestinian Government headed by Hamdallah is doing everything in its power to achieve the will of the brave Palestine people and fulfill its national obligations. Al-Mahmoud stressed that ending the division is one of its priorities in order to restore national unity to be able to face the critical conditions experienced by our people