Palestinians clash with IOF after IOF raids Aida refugee Camp

PNN /Bethlehem /

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stormed Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem early Saturday. IOF raided a number of houses in the camp to detain youths. Palestinians in the camp clashed with the Israeli forces and IOF opened fire at residents in the camp, but there weren’t any reports of casualties. IOF  then left the camp without taking anyone, according to Palestinian security sources.

Israel claimed that its forces raided the camp after youths throw stones at its soldiers at checkpoint 300 which is close to Aida Camp. Israeli forces usually take pictures of Palestinians who throw stones at the checkpoint and then raid the camp to arrest them.

IOF have also handed over two young men from Bethlehem two notices to review its intelligence service in Gush Etzion settlement outpost after they raided and searched their homes. One of the two men is a twenty years old man who was previously detained in Israeli prisons.

In the same context, clashes broke out today with the IOF following the storming of the suburb of Shweika north of Tulkarem, West Bank.

IOF also raided Al-Salman fuel station in Salfit, northwest of the West Bank and set up a checkpoint at the main entrance of the town.