Greenblatt: Int’l community must cooperate to restore PA control over Gaza


US Peace Envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, in a statement said that the international community must work to restore control over the Gaza Strip and hand over the territory to the Palestinian Authority

Greenblatt stressed that work must be done in order to return control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority Jason Greenblatt as he slammed Hamas and accused it of abusing Gaza’s residents, he explained,”The time has come to stop watching the situation in Gaza and start changing it”.

The statements came during a speech in a conference for the donor countries to the Palestinian Authority organized by Norway at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The UN called on the Israeli occupation for its exploitation of Palestinians in Gaza and of its unjust treatment to them as hostages.

Greenblatt claimed that the suffering of the people of Gaza will only end when all the concerned parties it the matter are united to help the Palestinian people and isolate Hamas. He added that the international community will help to return Gaza to the Palestinian Authority.

Greenblatt confirmed that Donald Trump’s administration will be adopting a new approach in the attempts to renew the “peace process” between Israel and Palestine.

He stated that, “Instead of working to impose a solution from abroad, we give the parties room to make decisions about their future,” he added that rather than “blaming one side or the other, we focus on implementing existing agreements and opening up new areas of cooperation that benefit both Palestinians and Israelis”.

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