UN special coordinator welcomes Hamas reconciliation statement

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Hamas on Sunday morning said in a statement that it was ready to dissolve the administration it had established in recent months to manage the affairs of the Gaza Strip, hold general elections and immediately begin direct reconciliation talks with Fatah.

This decision was reportedly a response to the Egyptian efforts.

The statement called on Palestinian government ministers in Ramallah to come to Gaza and fully assume their roles, however, the PA still has not responded to the statement, as Palestinian president is about to leave to New York for the United Nations General Assembly session, where he will meet U.S president, Donald Trump. The announcement also came two days after a Fatah delegation arrived in Cairo and two meetings between the parties on Saturday.

The Palestinian division between Fatah lead PA in the West Bank and Hamas government in the Gaza strip started in 2007 following elections, and repeated attempts at reconciliation have failed.

Hamas statement

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov, welcomed the statement by Hamas, and commended the Egyptian authorities for their “tireless efforts in creating this positive momentum.”

“All parties must seize this opportunity to restore unity and open a new page for the Palestinian people,” Mladenov said in a statement.

Statement concluded by saying that the United Nations stands ready to assist all efforts in this respect. “It is critical that the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, most notably the crippling electricity crisis, be addressed as a priority.”