Detained Palestinian martyrs in Israel’s cemetery of numbers another example of Israel’s crimes

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Israeli government decided that four bodies of the Martyrs held in Israeli’s morgue refrigerators will be buried in the cemetery of numbers. This is another example of the Israeli Occupation’s crimes and of its continues illegal actions and disregard to international law. As it is another way by which Israel disrespects the bodies of Palestinian martyrs and makes their families suffer.

This decision caused an outrage in Palestine as Palestinians mass marched in protest from Aida camp, Bethlehem to the main entrance of the Camp which has been blocked by the separation wall for years.

The Israeli occupation forces brutally attacked the protesters as soon as they reached the gate of the wall at the entrance of the camp, where Israeli soldiers threw gas and sound bombs at them and at Palestinian homes in the area causing many of them to get wounded.

The protesters called against the burial of martyrs in the cemetery of numbers which they stressed that it is disgrace of the occupation and that Palestinians will allow not these crimes of the Israeli occupation.


Head of the high coordination committee for the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission, Munther Amira, stated that Israel detaining bodies of Palestinians whether in the refrigerators or the cemetery of numbers is a crime which it must be held accountable for by international law. H added that the Palestinian people, Palestinian Parties and the Popular Resistance Committees will not step aside and let Israel continue it crimes.

Amira stressed that these practices are a violation of human rights and of the sanctity of death, as it is Israel’s way of collective punishment of the families of the Martyrs who sacrificed their precious blood to the freedom of their homeland.

A member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Mohammed Abdel Nabi Lahham, stressed that these Israeli practices are racist crimes that even the Nazi’s did not commit. He explained that this protest is to demand the return of the detained bodies of the Palestinian martyrs held by Israel

He added that the Israeli occupation is trying to punish the people in an attempt to undermine their determination and discourage their efforts and their just demands to take back and properly bury the bodies of their sons.

Martyr Abdel Hamid Abu Sorour’s mother,Azhar Abu Srour, stressed that this march aims at sending a message to the Israeli occupation that the Palestinian people will not accept these practices and procedures against them and that Palestinian martyrs are not just numbers, even after they are buried in the cemetery of numbers, Palestinians will continue to march and protest as Israel detaining bodies of Palestinian martyrs is not a new issue thus the fight against it will continue.

She added that Israel burying the bodies will “increases our people’s determination to continue the struggle to recover these bodies and bury them in Palestine in a manner worthy of their sacrifices and a manner following Islamic Sharia in burial”

She stressed that the families of detained Palestinian Martyrs will continue their fight to recover the bodies of their sons through legal frameworks as Israeli occupation measures have violated all international laws and even the Israeli law.

Finally, Abu Sorour called on official agencies to take the initiative and take action. Families of the martyrs met with many Palestinian officials and heard many promises for the future but they hope to see real results that contribute to alleviating the suffering of the families of the detained bodies of Palestinian martyrs.

A message from the Palestinian people to the Israeli occupation is that our people will not accept the occupation’s government decision to bury the martyrs in the cemetery of number, and that Palestinians will not stop their struggle until the martyrs are honored and buried in a manner appropriate to their sacrifices whatever that will cost.

Photos: Mahmud Alyan

Video: Meras Al-Azzeh

Report: Monjed Jado