UN envoy welcomes Palestinian efforts for reconciliation

PNN /Bethlehem/

UN Special Coordinator for the peace process in the Middle East Nickolay  Maldeno welcomed Palestinian efforts for reconciliation as he said, “unity is essential for realization of Palestinian national aspirations”. Maldenov stressed that he welcomes developments related to Palestinian unity in Cairo

He added that the reconciliation is essential in order to work on solving the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to prevent the continuous militant buildup.

Mladenov addressed parties of the Palestinian government as he urged Fatah and Hamas to seize the current positive motion and and find common grounds  to reach an agreement that would allow the Palestinian Government to take up its responsibilities in Gaza immediately. As he said, “Gaza is and must be an integral part of any future Palestinian state”.

There has been Several previous efforts to reconcile the two largest Palestinian factions but they have failed. Currently Hamas is still ruling Gaza since its coup against the Palestinian government in 2007, while Fatah continues to rule in the West Bank.

Member of Fatah Central Committee Azzam al-Ahmad told Voice of Palestine radio that a Fatah delegation is heading to Cairo in few days to discuss Palestinian reconciliation with Egyptian officials. However, He explained that there would be no meetings or dialogue with the Hamas delegation, currently in Cairo, unless the latter clearly declares the dissolution of the administrative committee it had established to run Gaza affairs and enables the Palestinian conciliation government to carry out its duties in the Gaza Strip without obstructions.