President Clinton stands between then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzahk Rabin, left, and Palestinian presiden Yasser Arafat as they signed the Oslo Accord

Khaled: Oslo Accord is a catastrophe that must be gotten rid of

PNN/ Ramallah/

After 24 years on the Oslo Agreement that was signed at the White House on Sept. 13th 1993 between the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Israeli Government, Tayseer Khaled, PLO’s Executive Committee Member and Member of the DFLP Political Bureau, said the Oslo Accord and other agreements signed with Israel have disastrous effects against the occupied Palestinian territory occupied in June 1967, which allow  Israel to continue its colonial activities, deepens its occupation of the territory including East Jerusalem, consequently, prevents the establishment of a Palestinian State.

“Palestinians were and are still paying the price due to those unjust agreements,” Khaled said. “Time has come to get rid of [these agreements], and to withdraw recognition of Israel, being colonial and racial state.”

Khaled also said, the Paris Economic Agreement must be ended as it impedes the development of the Palestinian Economy, not only that but making it impossible and prevent investment by Palestinians, Arabs and others in the Palestinian territory. Thus, the agreement itself violates the international law as it imposes custom economic situation between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Khaled renewed the call to respect the Central Council’s resolution made in March 2015 and the PLO’s Executive Committee’s resolutions, and to implement them on the ground as well as considering such agreements as null and void, specially, as the occupation government get rid of its obligations, trying to convert the Palestinian Authority into a security agent working merely for the Israel’s security. He also called for a national dialogue at which all Palestinians agree on a national roadmap to support the Palestinian people through redistributing the available Palestinian resources and employing them in a way that enhances their steadfastness, especially in Jerusalem and areas threatened of settlement activities.

Khaled described the current US administration’s policy as the most ever in line with the right-wing Israeli government policy, especially with regard to settlements, the two-state solution and other issues. He said, the administration shall not depend on pushing the political settlement efforts forward, especially in the light of the ambiguous policy that Israel pursues to market a new approach to the political settlement through allegedly expanding powers of the Palestinian Authority in the area B and C, promising economic facilities and improvement of the standard of living of the Palestinians under occupation without meeting the minimum Palestinian national rights, and within the framework of the regional arrangements that serve the American and Israeli interests in the region, thus, fading the two-state solution, and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Asking the UNs’ General Assembly in its 72nd session to call for an international conference sponsored by the UNs, convened on the basis of international legitimacy resolution, to reach a comprehensive and balanced settlement that provide stability and security for all peoples and countries of the region, including the Palestinian State,  and to safeguard the Palestinian Refugees’ rights to return to their homes and properties.

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