Activist Issa Amr released from PA prison

PNN/ Hebron/

Palestinian court on Sunday ordered the release of a human rights activist and coordinator of a the Youth  Against Settlements movement in Hebron, Issa Amr, who has been arrested for several days by the Palestinian Security Service.

According to  PNN reporter in Hebron, the court decided to release the activist  after he was arrested on the background of his posts on Facebook. The release had a  included a bail of 1,000 Jordanian dinars.

Dozens of Popular Resistance activists gathered in front of the court and raised slogans condemning the policy of arrest over expression, and demanding the release of Issa Amr.

The activist Amr has been detained since Monday, September 4, during the Eid al-Adha holiday, by the Security Service in Hebron, on the background of a post on his Facebook page, in which he criticized the Palestinian Authority’s policy of arresting journalists.

The prosecutor’s office charged Amr with three charges: including  sectarian incitement, threatening state security and creating websites in accordance with Article 20 of the Cybercrime Act, which was also used to arrest activists and journalists last month.

Article 20 of the Electronic Crimes Law states that “If any news exposing the safety of the State is put at risk, the publisher shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not less than one year and a fine of between 1,000 and 5,000 JD.”