Martyr Raed Al-Salhi’s funeral procession begins in Dheishia Camp


Dozens of people took part in the funeral procession of martyr Raed Al-Salhi. As he was taken  from the Beit Jala government hospital, “Al-Hussein”, to his last resting place in Dheisheh camp, southeast of Bethlehem.

Al-Salhi was shot during the storming of Dheisheh camp in 7/8/2017 by IOF who wanted to arrest him. After Israeli soldiers executed him Al-Salhi was left bleeding for an hour and a half before he was taken to the hospital. This led to the deterioration of his health and loss of much blood and a month later he died affected by his wounds.

It was scheduled to hand over the body of the martyr at four o’clock on Friday afternoon at checkpoint 300 but as usual occupation authorities postponed the date while his family was waiting to receive his body.

The lawyers in the Prisoners Affairs committee had submitted a proposal on Monday afternoon to the Israeli state prosecution demanding immediate hand-over of the body of Raed Al-Salhi. However, they did not receive any response.