Masar Ibrahim Khalil successfully participates in the Düsseldorf tourism exhibition in Germany


As part of his continuous work to promote Palestinian tourism and its independent programs which focus on Palestinian nature and history, Ibrahim Al-Khalil organization’s tour ended up taking part in the Düsseldorf exhibition in Germany known as Tour Natur. The tour focuses on the promotion of ecotourism in many countries around the world.

Program director at Masar Ibrahim, Ghaida Rahil, said that the participation in the Tour Natur  exhibition was a success, since it was important to introduce people -not only in Germany, but also in Europe- to Palestine’s tourist routes and biking trails.

Rahil added that the exhibition is one of the most famous and largest exhibitions in Europe, and has wide participation in terms of the number of visitors of all ages.

The organization participated in all three days of the festival where the crew were given a space for presenting their work. They gave away flyers in different Languages ​​talked about Masar Ibrahim to the audience which had travel agents, journalists and hiking hobbyists.

Rahil added that this participation opened an opportunity for Masar Ibrahim, as media organizations, newspapers, magazines and television stations from Germany, Slovenia and Poland reported on Masar Ibrahim Khalil and took videos that were broadcasted on their channels thus allowing for more promotion for Masar Ibrahim Khalil

On the other hand, Rahil pointed out that a number of representatives of tourism agencies in Germany, who work in tourism tracks, walking and cycling, expressed their pleasantness with this new type of tourism in Palestine, stressing that they will promote this Masar in their countries and expressed their desire to communicate with the offices of tourism and its agents in Palestine through Masar Ibrahim.

Rahil added that almost 50 thousand participants from various European Union countries were present in the festival, where the organizers said that each year new things are added in the festival. Explaining that this year the exhibition included corners for clothing, walking equipment and safety and protection along with bicycles and others of equipment used in tourism tracks.

They also pointed out that the materials presented in the exhibition are eco-friendly as an opportunity to introduce the importance of preserving the environment and nature.

The organizers concluded that they work on introducing and encouraging this type of tourism in various countries of the world because it helps in developing and strengthening the economy of the country and it also contributes in the preservation of the environment and nature from the other side which are things  Masar Ibrahim seeks to do in Palestine.