MOFA: Expansion of settlements, displacement of Palestinians eradicates concept of negotiations

PNN/ Ramallah/  

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday said that Israel’s right wing coalition proves day after day that their colonial plans and the expansion policies has no limitations or boundaries, and are completely out of control and a complete violation of international law; in which it proves that the Israeli occupation is ready to use all possible means to steal Palestinian lands and expel the Palestinians from their homeland.

“This is established daily by the escalating colonial Israeli measures, the latest of which was the approval of Israel’s National Council of Planning and Building (NCPB) of a plan to build more than 4000 settlement units on the hills of Occupied Jerusalem,” the Ministry said in a statement.

“The positions and statements of the Israeli government officials expresses its clear plans to evacuate the Palestinian citizens like the recent proposal by the extremist Knesset member (BetzalelSmotrich) to provide compensations to persuade the Palestinians to leave “Judea and Samaria) The proposal suggested the following: (The dissolution of the Palestinian Authority, the imposition of Israeli law on all areas of Judea and Samaria, the increase in settlements construction and the doubling of the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria at least three times), calling for “the elimination of any hope for a Palestinian state,” statement added.

The Ministry condemned, in the strongest terms, the occupation’ colonial plans, statements, and stances of the ruling right-wing in Israel, which instigate the deepening of settlements and the displacement of the Palestinians from their homeland by all means. The ministry confirms that these new calls and plans will not undermine the will of our people and their steadfastness in their own homeland, and that all these encounters are doomed to failure. The ministry believes that “Smotrich’s plan” and Netanyahu’s partners in extremism and racism are a shameless challenge to all efforts aimed at reviving the peace process, as they attempt to thwart the serious American move to resume negotiations, therefore, a clear and vivid American position on Israeli settlements construction and continued racist incitement against Palestinians is required.