Israeli MK suggests financial compensation for Palestinians to leave their land

Member of the Israeli parliament (Knesset), Betzeliel Smutritch from the Jewish Home far-right wing party, proposed a new system to the Israeli government  to “encourage the  immigration” of Palestinians. His new proposal suggests offering financial compensations  of Palestinians living as second class citizens in Israel, in addition to Palestinians in the west bank.

Reportedly, Smutritch said he does not intend to organize a transfer for them but as ratings show that  today, almost 20,000 Palestinians a year leave the west bank, and their surveys show that 30% aspire to emigrate. He explained that his plan is to help them leave since they already want to leave thus it won’t be forced immigration and offering them a full financial compensation would cost the government much less than wars and military operations every few years.

His plan aims at dismantling the Palestinian Authority, imposing Israeli law on all parts of the West Bank, and doubling or even tripling the number of settlement units in the West Bank.

“What drives terrorism is not despair, but hope, which is fundamentally reflected in the establishment of a Palestinian state,” Smutritch  said, eradicating what he called “terrorism” in the west bank cannot be done by the army.

As for Palestinians who refuse the financial compensation and are willing to live as second class citizens under Israeli law, he is willing to offer them  many civil rights, with the exception of the right to vote in the Knesset. He also proposed to keep them under surveillance for a period of 30 years. In return, they will have all the rights and other possibilities including the possibility of voting for the Knesset, but on the condition that they serve in the IOF as Druze.