Turkey angered by Hamas calls with Egypt 

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Hamas has recently revived ties with Dahlan and made security calls with Egyptian intelligence without consulting Turkey, which angered the latter.

Reportedly, Ankara expressed its disapproval of Hamas’s actions and explained that this move is a way for attacking the Muslim brotherhood, which Turkey supports.

Turkey has recently met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and discussed providing aid estimated around ten million dollars for the Gaza Strip through the Palestinian authority, as a way of criticizing Hamas leadership and expressing their disapproval.

Turkey has also pointed out that Hamas must put in some effort in order to make progress in the reconciliation process with the Palestinian authority.

Fatah’s commissioner of national affairs, Azzam AlAhmad demanded Turkey to try and put pressure on Hamas in order to push it towards reconciliation process with Fatah, the major party in the West Bank. He also stated Mahmoud Abbas and the Turkish president Recep Tayeb Erdogan will meet in the joint Palestinian and Turkish committee in Ramallah, to discuss future collaborations.

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