Israeli MKs visit Al-Aqsa mosque after a two-year ban 

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Two right-wing Israeli lawmakers visited the Al-Aqsa mosque on Tuesday since Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu gave green light to Israeli MKs entering Al-Aqsa, after he banned them for two years in October 2015.

The visits by MK Yehudah Glick (Likud) and MK Shuli Moalem–Refaeli (Habayit Hayehudi) occurred as part of a one-day trial, intended to gauge how the presence of lawmakers at the compound impacts the situation on the ground, Haaretz reported.

The two were surrounded by dozens of Israeli police and special forces, and carried out talmudic rituals in the yards of the mosque, despite the latest Aqsa protests against settler visits to Al-Aqsa mosque.

At the same time, Arab MKs refused to take part in the trial saying that they will visit the mosque when they wish, not when Netanyahu decides.

Israeli security officials are now expected to assess whether to permanently allow lawmakers to visit the compound.