Israel bans Palestinians from entering Jerusalem in Eid Al-Adha as a form of collective punishment

PNN/ Bethlehem

As part of it collective punishment measures against palestinians,  Israel announced that it will not give any permits to Palestinians for the upcoming Muslim Holiday, Eid-Al-Adha.

On every religious occasion israel claims that it ill go easy on Palestinians allowing them to visit jerusalem and offering them facilities. However, now as Al-Adha feast approaches, Israel announced that it won’t allow Palestinians to visit as israel will ban palestinians from entering and praying in Al Aqsa Mosque in jerusalem.  Consequently, it will also settlers and members of the knesset to enter its courtyard, even though it’s a violation to the mosques and a provocation to the palestinians in jerusalem, who led massive demonstration against such visits last month.

The Palestinian Military Coordination requested Israel to allow Palestinians to enter Al-Aqsa mosque. However, Israel refused to respond to their demands and continued collective punishment policy after last month’s events in Al-Aqsa mosque after which president Mahmoud abbas cut ties with Israel.

As this is the season for muslim pilgrimage, it is a ritual to pray in Al-Aqsa after coming back from Mecca.

The source reported to PNN that this decision shows the true face of the occupying power and is a restriction of Palestinians freedom of worship and freedom of movement which are basic rights in the the international law.