Ministry of information publishes two fact sheets about Israeli incitement and settlement in occupied Palestine

PNN/ Bethlehem

In the first fact sheet Israeli incitement against Palestinians increase, the Palestinian ministry of information wrote about Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who after the visit of US delegation announced that he will not evacuate any settlement.  The sheet also addressed the problem of settlement with reference to some statistic showing that  Israel has built about 120 settlement in the West Bank on which 350.00 settler live in them.

The second fact sheet The ongoing Israeli Incitement and racism referred to Israel’s constant violations of human rights. Mentioning that it is the only country with this much violation on its hands.Till this day, Israel  is still committing violation and is not abiding to any of  international law or UN resolution that are clearly against Israel’s violations.

They highlighted the importance of addressing Israel’s extremisms and injustice by referring to different violation and recent event and their  effect on Palestinians, Including racism by Israelis

The News updates which they highlighted included:

The “Grand Jewish rabbi” of the city of Safad, Shmuel Eliyahu, said that killing Palestinians is a “religious obligation called for by the Tora, the State of Israel must abide by that.

A senior Israeli general, former occupied West Bank army chief “Gadi Shamni” said during a speech at a conference of the Institute for Policy and Strategy in Herzliya:“Israel has brought the occupation to an art form, we are the champions of the world in the occupation, and we have to ask ourselves: Is this how we want to be”?

One of the Israeli hotel chains contacted its Jewish customers advising them to cancel their reservations in the hotel network, because there is “intense movement of Arabs to those hotels during holidays.

They have also explained that Israeli writers and newspaper have been addressing the problem of racism between Israelis themselves.


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