Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Knesset Members Incursions into Al-Aqsa Thwarts Peace Efforts


Day after day, the Israeli government, headed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, proves that it is a settler’s government hostile to the efforts aiming at resuming the negotiations and achieving peace, asserting its adherence to a dark right-wing ideology based on the consecration of the occupation and the deepening of settlements construction and the Judaization of the Palestinian territories in general, and occupied Jerusalem in particular.

The Israeli right wing does not hesitate to show their extremism and bias towards settlement and settlers in the eyes of the entire world, in constant defiance of the international and regional will, and blatant disregard for international legitimacy, institutions and decisions.

In this context, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Ardan, announced the intensification of the occupation’s police presence in Jerusalem and the monitoring of large amounts of money to support the settlers in their settlement outposts in Silwan and Ras al-Amud ,saying : “Settlements expansion in East Jerusalem is a basic right especially in the area overlooking “temple mount” which is the holiest place for the Jews”.

This provocative visit comes on the eve of the implementation of the Israeli prime minister’s decision to allow Knesset members and ministers to invade the holy Aqsa Mosque, after these invasions were paused for 18 months to continue the ongoing incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surrounding neighborhoods; which doesn’t hide the truth of the Occupation’s intentions to change the historical and legal status in the holy Aqsa Mosque.

It also aims to test the reaction of the Arab and Islamic world towards this decision, as a prelude to the adoption of tours that aims to Judaize the city and divide the mosque spatially.

The Ministry strongly condemns this provocative Israeli decision and holds the Israeli government fully responsible for its repercussions, and further calls upon the states to re-launch the peace process and take immediate actions.