Tayseer Khalid - Executive Committee Palestine Liberation Organization

 Khaled: US officially issued death certificate for two-state solution

PNN/ Ramallah/

Executive Committee member of the PLO and member of the Politbureau of the  Democratic Front For Te Liberation Of Palestine , Tayseer Khaled said that the US State Department has officially and unilaterally condoled the so-called two-state solution so as to avoid accusation of its bias with the Palestinians.

This came as Head of the American delegation to the region, son-in-law of Trump, and the US envoy to the peace process, Jared Kouchner, who met with Netanyahu last Thursday morning, and President Mahmoud Abbas in the evening of the same day.

He stressed that the US State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nuert made it clear when she said the US administration will not clarify its position with regard to the outcome of the negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis if resumed. She was about to say the international community shall leave them negotiate, we shall be neutral, adding that the result of their negotiation must be applied accordingly, and that the parties must work together through negotiations, let’s see who would finish the other.

Khaled added that the State Department spokeswoman decelerations came at the moment the Palestinians showed their skepticism as the White House’s refused to support the two-state solution, which was basically a US’s idea n idea put forward by the administration to the Quartet in the international roadmap plan that was adopted by international consensus to establish a Palestinian state. Khaled said, such decelerations reflect a non-feasibility of the US support of the two-state solution, and that declarations reflects the right-wing Israeli government controls over the US Administration, and stresses its objection to withdraw from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967.

Within the clear American condolence of the so-called two-state solution, Khaled calls for a Palestinian political review of the Palestinian Cause through internationalizing it, as well as speaking in a different tune with the US administration, and refusing its sponsors of the process, and to transfer its responsibility to the international community, calling it to assume its responsibilities within the framework of an international peace conference to be held under the relevant resolutions of the international legitimacy of the Palestinian-Arab and Israeli conflict, adding that new mechanisms shall put forward to implement those resolutions in order to reach a comprehensive and balanced settlement that will provide security and stability to all States of the region, guarantee an end of the occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian State on all territories of the 1967, including the occupied East Jerusalem, under the UNs’ General Assembly resolution 19/67 of 2012 and other relevant resolutions that achieve a just solution to the Palestinian refugees, guarantee their right to return to their homes that they abandoned by force under the 194 resolution.