Ramallah: Protesters torch Trump photos upon delegation visit

PNN/ Ramallah/

Hundreds of Palestinians on Thursday have marched against visit of the US political delegation which is expected to arrive in Ramallah city today to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas, as part of the so-called US efforts to launch Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

The protesters from different political partied torched pictures of US President Donald Trump and painted shoe prints on them, adding the national symbol “Handala” throwing a stone towards him. The protesters also shouted slogans saying that Palestinian prisoners and martyrs are freedom fighters and not terrorists, as claimed by Israeli occupation and the US government, particularly because the US and Israel have recently called on Abbas to cut off salaries for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, claiming they were “terrorists.”

The participants also raised signs in English and Arabic calling on the Trump administration to stop military support for Israel who in turn murders innocent Palestinians.

Secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, told PNN that the message of the protest is to show disapproval of the American bias towards Israel, adding that if the delegation is serious about achieving a just and comprehensive peace, it must pressure the Israeli government to stop the pccupation and ongoing settlement activity in the West Bank, which destroy the peace process.

“We reject the position of the current US administration which have so far failed to declare a clear American stance that supports the Palestinian rights of ending the occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state,” Barghouthi said.

“The American delegations have been going back and forth to achieve the same Israeli demands, which are stopping the salaries of prisoners and families of martyrs, which all Palestinian reject.