Israeli gov’t seeks to double budget for Amichai Settlement

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, is currently seeking to double the budget required for expanding the new illegal settlement of Amichai, north of Jerusalem, West Bank.

The total of the budget would almost reach quarter a million NIS, set for evacuating 40 settler families from Amona outpost near Ramallah, central West Bank. The outpost was evicted in February 2017 by Israeli police after Palestinian locals signed a petition and filed a lawsuit against the outpost in Israeli court, and won.

Netanyahu’s office denied the claims, saying they were an inaccurate distortion of reality, and Yoav Horowitz, head of the prime minister’s office staff, stated that the settlement would be established within the limits of the approved budget. However, our different sources confirmed otherwise to Haaretz.

Reportedly Netanyahu requested the ministry of finance a 30 to 70 million NIS increase in the budget. Sources have reported that Horowitz, has met with representatives from different ministries who are working on establishing the new settlement.

Initially 160 million NIS were set for evacuating Amona and building the new settlement of Amichai. 60 million NIS of them are set for establishing the infrastructure and the public buildings in Amichai. 40 Million NIS of them are set to be paid as a compensation for the evacuated settlers from Amona and for nine other evacuated families from Ofra’s settlement and the other tens of millions are to be paid for the process of evacuation and the temporal resettling of settler families.

If the request for doubling the budget is approved then the total of the budget for evacuating the settlement outpost and building a new settlement would be around 200 to 250 million NIS.

The ministry of Finance stated that it has not received any directions and that it is following the government decisions in this matter.