Palestinian Envoy to USA : Kushner’s Upcoming Middle East Visit as ‘Crucial


The top Palestinian official in Washington, D.C., Ambassador Husam Zomlot, said on Thursday that an upcoming visit of a delegation of senior U.S. officials to the Middle East, as part of U.S. President Donald Trump’s effort to restart the peace process, would be crucial.

If it fails, he said in a press briefing, the Palestinians could renew their effort to gain recognition through the international arena.

After a lengthy period in which the Americans mostly listened to the positions of both the Israelis and the Palestinians without disclosing their plans for the region, the Palestinian Authority now expects to hear what the Trump administration’s vision for peace was.

Israeli Haaretz Newspaper said that  Ambassador Husam Zomlot told its reporter “We are prepared and ready to travel the journey toward peace with President Trump,”.

He added  that :”Palestinian president  Abbas will be meeting the delegation “with great hope and anticipation to follow on” Trump’s commitment to reach a final-status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. “For us, this is an opportunity that must be seized and we will spare no effort to help their historic mission succeed,”.

A Palestinian decision to renew international efforts for recognition, if the American push to advance the peace process fails, shouldn’t be seen as a threat, Zomolot told Haaretz.

He added that the  UN is not a threat – it’s our right to revert to it and to choose the time to do so,”.

A statement issued by the PLO delegation in Washington said that Zomlot “reaffirmed the full readiness of the Palestinian leadership to support President Trump’s efforts to reach a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue.”

During its Middle East tour, the American delegation is slated to hold talks with Israel and the Palestinians as well as senior officials in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt.