Israel demolishes Palestinian house in Ramla

Ramla /PNN/

Israeli authorities demolished yesterday the house of a Palestinian family in the city of Ramla in the centre of Israel under the pretext that it lacks the necessary building license, Quds Press reported.

Rights activist in the city Sheikh Ali Al-Qirem said that the house, which was located in Al-Ribat neighbourhood, is owned by one his relatives Mohamed al-Qirem. He noted that the family members are now homeless.

Speaking to media , the activist said: “The issue of land and home is one of the most complex issues the Palestinians suffer from in the city of Al-Ramlah,” pointing out that many more houses are slated to be demolished by Israeli authorities.

Sheikh Al-Qirem reiterated that the land where the house was built is personal property. He noted that the owner of the house had only carried out renovation works, refuting claims made by the Israeli municipality that it was a new building.

In addition he said that the Israeli municipality of the city refused requests by Palestinian residents to change this land from being designated as industrial and commercial to residential despite pledging to resolve the issue through the planning and building committee.

According to Quds Press Palestinian residents in the city – which was occupied in 1948 – say that the Israeli municipality in the city does not issue building licenses.

Helped by political parties Palestinians have setup a united popular committee to stand against the Israeli municipality, which aims to demolish Palestinian homes.

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