Prison sentence of child Ahmad Manasra reduced

Jerusalem/ PNN/

The Israeli Supreme Court on Thursday had reduced the prison sentence for 15-year-old Ahmad Manasra, from 12 years to nine and a half years.

In 2015, Manasra was shot and wounded under the pretext of a stabbing attempt at Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, Jerusalem. His cousin, 15 years old, was killed on the spot.

After being shot, an Israeli settler filmed Ahmad Manasra while wounded, cursing and calling him names on camera in a video which went viral around the world and caused international anger.


Manasra went to hospital following the shooting, and was taken immediately to jail after that.

Footage was leaked showing Israeli investigators violently interrogating him without a lawyer, while he “remembered nothing” of the alleged attack.

Israeli court continued to postpone his court, and he was not judged until in November 2016, when he became 14.

Manasra upon arrest