Three Palestinians wounded in Israeli shelling on Gaza

Gaza/ PNN/

Three Palestinian civilians were wounded on Wednesday dawn, when Israeli warplanes shelled two sites of the Palestinian resistance movement in the northern Gaza Strip with four rockets, in response to an earlier alleged attack from Gaza to Israel.

According to local sources in the strip: “The medical crews reported three injuries, one of them critical

Head of the Emergency department, Ayman al-Sahbani, said that Shifa Hospital received three injuries, two of them were light injuries, and one, 26-year-old  was hit with a shrapnel in the head .

The Israeli media quoted a statement by the spokesperson of the occupation army as saying that Israeli jets bombed two targets of Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip in response to the rocket launch earlier in the night.

Army spokesperson also said that the F35 aircrafts were used for the first time in an attack on Gaza.

Earlier on Tuesday night, Israeli media said that a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip. Even though no group claimed responsibility for the  rocket, Israel held Hamas responsible for the attack.

Video of Israeli shelling on Gaza: