“Leave No Trace” campaign aims to maintain the nature of Palestine

Bethlehem/ PNN/

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil organization recently launched the “Leave No Trace” campaign which aims to preserve the nature and environment of Palestine and promoting natural, historical and cultural tourism tracks.

The campaign, which is carried out in cooperation with local community organizations and media networks on bringing awareness to the importance of maintaining the nature in Palestine in all means.

As part of the campaign, children in scout teams and summer camps carried out cleaning campaigns in many tourist tracks, where the children walk the track and clean it so as to know the importance of such areas and keeping them clean.

The program director at the organization, Ghaida Rheil, said that the Scout camps were targeted since they use the tracks often, and embody the layers of the Palestinian people of children and youth so that they can absorb the concept of leaving no trace behind when they go into the nature, which will create a generation of youth who take care of their environment and use this concept.

Lea Odeh from the Arab Orthodox Club scouts said that his Scout’s promise is that the country must be preserved.

After a tour in Battir village, which is known for its green, hilly nature and historic sights, he said: “We enjoyed the beautiful nature, but we saw a lot of waste, which contradicts the values of the scout, and so we cleaned up while walking.”

Another child in the scout, Faris Bardawil said that the group is doing voluntary work that lives up to the values of the scout, which is a clean nature.”

Masar Ibrahim organization seeks to nurture and connect the Palestinians with their lands through environmental, nature and historical hikes, and to maintain the Palestinian nature and keep it clean and beautiful.