Kushner: There may be no solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Jerusalem/ PNN/

Senior advisor to President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner,  has expressed frustration regarding the “peace process” between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Speaking to a group of congressional interns, in what was supposed to be an off-the-record meeting, Kushner said that, after researching the conflict’s history and speaking with “a lot of people,” he’d learned that “this is a very emotionally charged situation.”

According to Haaretz, Kushner called Israel’s decision to put metal detectors on Temple Mount “reasonable,” blamed the Palestinians for incitement, and described the incident in which two Jordanian citizens were killed by an Israeli security guard in the Israeli embassy in Amman, in a way that completely contradicts Jordan’s official account of the event, which is currently under investigation by the Israeli police.

As Kushner revealed at the end of Wired’s audio clip, despite all his bravado, he doesn’t seem to actually have any new ideas — or any ideas at all, really — for how to move negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians forward. Asked by someone during the off-the-record interview session how the Trump administration’s approach to peace is unique, he simply responded, “I don’t know.”

Kushner is a strong supporter of Israel, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has attended family visits.

At least five Palestinians were killed by Israeli Forces and settlers since the start of the protests against Israel installing metal detectors at the entrance of Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest place in Islam.