Al-Aqsa: Israel replaces metal detectors with surveillance cameras

Jerusalem/ PNN/

Israel on Tuesday overnight has removed the metal detectors that it placed on the entrance of Al-Aqsa mosque and replaced them with more advanced 100 million shekel (about $28 million) worth of surveillance cameras due to Netanyahu’s cabinet voted on it after a long meeting.

Israeli Forces closed off the area during the night and began installing the cameras.

This move came one day after an Israeli guard had killed two Jordanians at the Israeli embassy in Amman, after one of them had stabbed him with a screwdriver. Reports said that the stabbing was “personal”. However, the Israeli guard was released after calls between Netanyahu and the King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, the director of al-Aqsa Mosque, said overnight on Tuesday that the move does not fulfil the demands of the Muslim worshippers as the security cameras are being kept.

Palestinians still continued their protests and refused to enter the mosque with the surveillance cameras installed.

Israel installed metal detectors and security cameras after gunmen shot dead two Israeli guards near al-Aqsa compound – Islam’s third holiest site – on July 14. From then on, a wide wave of protest broke out to reject the metal detectors. At least five Palestinians were killed in the clashes.

Three Israelis were also killed when a Palestinian sneaked into a house in a West Bank settlement and stabbed them. The shooter was seriously wounded, and Israel decided to demolish his home.

On Friday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Palestinian leadership will freeze all contact with Israel.