Two Jordanians dead, Israeli injured in ِAmman Israeli embassy

Amman/ PNN/

Two Jordanians were shot dead after a workman stabbed an Israeli security guard with a screwdriver at the Israeli embassy in Amman, Sunday night, causing him light injuries.

Sources said that the security guard has responded to the stabbing by shooting dead the workman dead. In the course of the incident, the landlord was also wounded and later died of his injuries.

The incident comes in syncronization with escalations in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, after Israel installed electric gates around the Al-Aqsa mosque after two Israeli policemen were killed at the site by gunmen for the provocative settler visits to the mosque.

Al-Aqsa mosque is considered the third holiest place in Islam, monitoring the movement into and out of the mosque. Israelis consider the same site their holiest, where the ancient Temple of Solomon once stood.

Palestinians have shown strong disagreement to the motion, and responded by ongoing demonstrations and violent response from the Israeli forces and settlers, where five Palestinians have been killed with live ammunition and attacked by teargas. The PA also cut all contact with Israel following the move.

On Friday, three Israeli settlers were killed by a Palestinian in Halamish settlement north of Ramallah, West Bank, and Israeli PM Netanyahu announced his home will be demolished.