Sunday summary of events in Jerusalem

Jerusalem/ PNN/

On Sunday, 23 July 2017, Israeli occupation installed smart cameras to detect metals in front of Al ISbat gate as a possible alternative to metal detectors.

In addition, a while ago, the Magistrates Court Judge in occupied Jerusalem issued a resolution to expulse five Jerusalemites activists away from the holy city for ten days and it prevented them from communicating with media or participating at any activities for one whole month, it forced them to sign on financial bail of 5000 NIS and prevented them from communicating among each other for a month. The activists are:

  1. Hatem Abdel Qader, a member of the Revolutionary Council of FATEH
  2. NaserHedmi: the Chairman of the Anti-Normalization Jerusalemite Commission.
  3. Adnan Ghaith: a member of the Revolutionary Council of FATEH.
  4. Mohammad Abu Al Hawa: a Jerusalemite activist.
  5. NaserAjaj: One of FATEH activists.

Occupation forces have carried out a campaign of arrests last Friday against a group of Jerusalemites activists after storming their houses early morning, and they charged them with charges that are related to Al Aqsa mosque, as they expulsed five of them at the evening of the same day provided that they are  expulsed from Al Aqsa mosque and the old city for 15 days, they also prevented them from approaching the gates of the old city for 50 meters, with signing financial bails , they also prevented them from communicating with each other for one whole month. The activists are:

  1. MousaAbbasi
  2. Hani Ghaith
  3. Suleiman Sayyad
  4. ZuhairZa’anin
  5. Amjad Abu Asab.
  • The occupation forces arrest the young man Ahmad Al Shawish after the noon prayer ( duhur) in front of Al ISbat Gate.
  • Walla Hebrew news site confirmed that the Palestinian Authority stopped all the security meetings with the Israeli side in implementation to the decision that was issued by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of stopping all communications with the occupation.

According to the Hebrew site, it was believed in Israel that the security coordination issue will not be affected, but President Abbas has stopped it.

The site stated that the position of the President assures that the Palestinian authority and the Awqaf will not accept any solution except removing the electronic security gates.

  • The occupation authorities cut the trees on the yards of Al Aqsa for its effect on the new surveillance cameras.

Breaking news:

  • BeitLahem churches close its doors and ask its parish and worshipers to go to Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem under the slogan “We are not terrorists; we are the people of freedom, Muslims and Christians.
  • Hebrew media talks about an attack in its embassy in the Jordanian capital that led to the killing of two of the staff of the Israeli embassy in Jordan and the martyrdom of the attacker.
  • The occupation forces oppress thousands of worshipers in Al ISbat gate area.
  • The crash of an Israeli military helicopter in BaniNa’eem wilderness, there are military crowds searching for the pilots.


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