Innovation : A new hotel in Bethlehem to develop Palestinian tourism


Several dignitaries were present during the inauguration of Innovation this past Tuesday, there among the minister of Tourism Rula Ma’ay’ahas, Deputy Governor of Bethlehem Mohammad Taha Abu Alia, the deputy council of Italy and other businessmen in the Tourism sector.

Innovation is a brand new hotel that has opened in Bethlehem with the idea of creating a place to foster openness and dialogue.

The ceremony began with the minister of Tourism, Bishop Theophultex, Deputy Governor of Bethlehem and Bethlehem Mayor Anton Salman cutting the opening ribbon of the hotel to start the formal implementation of its services.

It was thereafter followed by a number of speeches praising the efforts made to open Innovation which is said to be a landmark and a quality addition in the field of hotels and tourism in the Bethlehem area and the country in general.

Minister of Tourism Rula Ma’ay’ahas said that Innovasion revolves around the excellence and creativity of those who maintain it in terms of sophistication and beauty in the details of the hotel.

At the same time she pointed out the importance for the Palestinian Turisme that this hotels oppens and in the light of this she hopes more will follow.

Ma’ay’ahas furthermore added that the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism has been and continues to work with every effort to encourage and develop the tourism sector.

She encouraged the development in the tourism sector in general and especially hotels where the integrated efforts between the public and private sector have reflected positively on the tourism industry in Palestine to now be considered an important part of the national income.

Ma’ay’ahas  pointed out that the tourist season this year is unique in terms of numbers of pilgrims and tourists coming to Bethlehem which has increased significantly.

George Ghattas, one of the owners of Innovasion, opened the ceremony with a welcoming speech, stressing that the idea of ​​the hotel is to do something new in the field of hotels and in order to develop Palestinian tourism and trying to reach a new group of tourism.

Ghattas furthermore added that their hotel is a place that combines creativity and innovation.

Ihab Renawi, one of the other owners of Innovasion, adds that the hotel is a meeting place providing incentives for conferences and access to entertainment where there is no available hotels currently providing such services.

He pointed out that the hotel is capable of hosting many events, offering visitors breathtaking views of Bethlehem’s skyline and a culture-filled atmosphere. The hotel has 21 double rooms and 3 single, all spacious and modern decorated to the highest standards.

For his part, Bethlehem Mayor Anton Salman said he was proud of the opening of Innovasion, stressing that the hotel will be a cultural and economic tourist center. He further added that he hopes this hotel will be an economic and tourist site that will provide jobs and convey a bright image of Bethlehem religiously and culturally.

Archbishop Theophultus, the Greek Orthodox Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem who spoke on behalf of the Church, said that the National Orthodox Association, which rents the building, confirms its support for Innovasion because it contributes to strength and develop Bethlehem and serves its population.

The Italian partners, that had provided kitchen equipment, also expressed their happiness with the participation of Bethlehem and Palestine in this opening.

The Italian Deputy Consul stressed the importance of developing and strengthening relations between the Palestinian and Italian sides in the field of tourism.

 He further added the imported kitchen equipment is the first of its kind to make this hotel a qualitative leap in tourism services.

The opening included an Italian evening in the presence of Italian chef Alessandro Tyson, who presented a selection of Italian dishes.

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