Hamdallah Welcomes the Launching of the Fieldwork Activities for the Population Housing 


The Palestine Cabinet welcomed the launching of the fieldwork activities for the Population Housing and Establishments Census 2017 covering all Palestinian governorates and localities during 2017.

The Cabinet also highly appreciated the efforts led by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in preparing for conducting the third ever census by Palestinians under an independent Palestinian decision and it is going to be the first time conducting the census using modern technologies in collecting data through tablets and GIS; where the census is considered the largest statistical process to be conducted nationally aiming to secure a comprehensive database covering different demographic, economic, social characteristics as well as the housing conditions of the population of the State of Palestine; such data is used for the purposes of development planning and policy making and it represents a comprehensive frame for conducting the different statistical surveys.

The Cabinet also assured that all census data will be collected for statistical purposes only, where any data will be disseminated in form of statistical tables and figures, and highlighted the fact that the personal individual information will remain confidential and secured at PCBS in accordance with the General Statistics Law – 2000

The Cabinet stressed on the importance of cooperating with the census fieldwork teams as well as taking the responsibility of keeping the numbers and guiding signs which are placed on walls by the fieldworkers as they are very crucial to ensure comprehensiveness and accuracy of conducting the census and that removing/changing them by anyone is considered an illegal act in addition to wasting the accumulated efforts over the past years.