Activist imprisoned for defending Palestinian children


The Ofer military court has sentenced the activist of the Popular Resistance Movement and human rights defender Ahmad Odeh to six months in prison with a fee of NIS 6,000 due to accusations of throwing rocks. He was arrested at the northern entrance to Bethlehem during his attempt to defend a group of children who were barbaric beaten by Israeli special units.
Munther Amira, head of the High Coordination Committee for the Resistance against the Wall and Settlements in the West Bank, said that the ruling was unjust and unfair to a Popular Resistance activist who is also considered a human rights defender. Amira said that it is part of the occupation campaign to put popular resistance activists who have been able to expose the practices of the occupation for trial.

“It is barbarism against our people on more than one level” Amira stated.

Amira furthermore added that the unfair unjust sentences against human rights activists underlines once again the reality of the racist occupation state, which violates all international conventions. He stressed that the activist Odeh was defending the group of children arrested by the soldiers of a racist terrorist unit.

“The children did not pose any danger and were in the depth of the city of Bethlehem, but still the occupation soldiers abused them”.

Amira said that the trial of Odeh is not the first or the last in a series targeting human rights defenders and journalists, pointing out that the Odeh trial was held just a few days before the trial of activists Farid al-Atrash and Issa Amr.

Amira said that the popular activist and human rights defender Odeh suffered from side pain as a result of the Israeli occupation forces assaulting him during the brutal arrest. He and the group of children were subjected to continuous barbaric beatings even after their arrest.
He calls on all local and international human rights organizations to denounce the activist’s trial.

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