Tayseer Khaled: USA is not Qualified to Sponsor Palestinian – Israeli Negotiations .


Tayseer Khaled , PLO Executive Committee member , Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department tackled what the political and media means circulated regarding the US President Trump’s political initiative to settle the Palestinian – Israeli conflict based on initiating negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis over the upcoming 2 years, through which a 5 separate committees are negotiated each of which, deals merely with an issue of the final status ones, without presenting a detailed initiative by him.

Leaving the 2 sides to negotiate until they reach a reasonable agreement and then to be announced. For his part, Khaled asstressed that the US administration is not qualified to sponsor such negotiations because of its blind bias to the Israeli Government colonial policy.

He added that the US administration refuses to talk about a political settlement leading to the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, and it colludes with the Israeli government through giving it the green-light to continue its settlement activities throughout the west bank including occupied East Jerusalem, as well as practicing the worst ways of extortion and pressure on the Palestinians trying to compel them forget their history and struggle to achieve their just national rights, through not fulfilling its commitments towards the families of the wounded, martyrs and prisoners, in full conformity with the Israeli position, seeking to convince the Palestinians with a new return to the negotiating table without pre-conditions (i.e. the Israeli conditions) for two years without specifying the objective of these negotiations or their political and legal authorities, in 5 tracks of the final status issues i.e. the borders, Jerusalem, security, settlements and water, and then merely declare the progress made by each of the 5 committees, without tackling the Palestinian refugees issue. The US is fully aware that an approach of this kind has no function other than finding partial and transitional solutions that Israel seeks to impose on the Palestinians.

Moreover, Khaled called to stop betting on the American sponsorship of the Palestinian – Israeli negotiations and requested an international sponsorship of such negotiations in order to place appropriate mechanisms to implement them, and to ensure Israeli withdrawal from all the occupied Palestinian territories occupied in the June 1967, and to reach a comprehensive and balance settlement away from partial and transitional solutions, and to confess of the Palestinian people rights to have sovereignty on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It also guarantees the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes that they compulsory left, and to self-determination and the right of all the peoples and States of the region to live in security and stability of which, is Palestine and East Jerusalem being the political, administrative and spiritual capital of Palestine and its people.