Israeli commando assassinates Palestinian man in Nabi Saleh Northwest of Ramallah


Israeli special forces Sunday morning killed 34-year-old Palestinian Ammar Ahmed Khalil after they besieged a house in Nabi Saleh  town Northwest of Ramallah.

According to Israeli sources large forces of the occupation army and commando units besieged the house and clashed with Khalil. He was later announced death on charges of being responsible for the shooting.

The Israeli media quoted Luba al-Samri, an Israeli police spokeswoman for saying that the military operation was implemented by border police special Yamam unit and security service Shin Bet and ended with the assassination  of  Khalil.

The occupation sources claimed that the man fired at the occupation forces and clashed with them.

The sources furthermore claimed that the man was responsible for two shootings in Ramallah area on Saturday, first near the Atarot settlement and then on the other military barracks in the area of Nabi Saleh.