Two Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in Jenin refugee camp


Israeli soldiers have shot and killed two Palestinians early Wednesday following an army raid of Jenin refugee camp in the north of the West Bank, WAFA news reports.

Palestinian medical sources told WAFA that Saad Naser Salah, 21, from the city of Jenin, and Aous Mohammad Salameh, 17, from Jenin refugee camp, were shot dead during the raid, while a third person, identified as Odai Abu Naaseh, 19, was shot in the leg and injured.

Salah was shot in the head and died immediately, according to local sources, while Salameh was critically injured and died during surgery to save his life at Khalil Suleiman public hospital in Jenin.

Witnesses said the soldiers raided the camp during the early hours and snipers took over rooftops as foot soldiers entered the camp. Residents clashed with the soldiers without realizing that there were snipers on rooftops.

Salah Abu al-Nour, a relative of Salah, said the snipers opened fire at Salah and wounded him and then they shot him again from a short distance and killed him. The medics said he was shot by three bullets.

Salah has a brother who is serving time in Israeli jails for resisting the occupation while his father was seriously injured in the second intifada and became handicapped.

Fatah mourned the death of the two men in Jenin, whom it said were members of the movement.

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