Released prisoners report ill treatment during detention


Released Palestinian prisoners say they were ill-treated by Israeli soldiers during detention, according to a report by the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Commission published last Tuesday.

Mujahed Abu Jad, 23, from the town of Silwad near Ramallah, tells the commission in an affidavit that Israeli soldiers raided his family home at 2 in the morning before he was arrested, WAFA news agency reports.

Jad explained that he was then forced to walk handcuffed and blindfolded to a location near his home.

At the unknown location soldiers were violently beating him, kicking him and hitting him with the butts of their rifles and then they would pour cold water on him.

Jad was then taken to Ofer military camp and prison near Ramallah where he was interrogated. He said his Israeli interrogators screamed at him and cursed at him using abusive language and later they would move on to threaten him.

Another released prisoner, 25-year-old Anas Ibayat from Bethlehem, says he was arrested in the morning at the so-called civil administration office in Etzion settlement after he answered a summons to appear before the Israeli military intelligence.

Ibayat says he was then taken to an interrogation room at the settlement where interrogators yelled at him and shouted profanities against him to get him to confess to the charges against him.

Ibayat says the interrogation went on for several hours until the night, thereafter he was taken to Ofer.

Yaser Deriya, 17, from the village of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem, says Israeli forces arrested him from his family home at 2 in the morning. Deriya was handcuffed and blindfolded as he was taken to Etzion settlement detention center, where he was held until the afternoon without being allowed to eat or drink.

Deriya was thereafter taken to Ofer camp for further interrogation.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) have close to one million Palestinians been detained by the Israeli authorities since 1948.