Free running Gaza


In the Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza, Mohammed and Abdullah have found a way to distract themselves from the overcrowded tenements and squalid alleyways around them,          Al-Jazeera reports.

Both young men have trained for years to become Gaza’s leading practitioners of parkour.

Parkour involves traversing and scaling obstacles and barriers through running, jumping and vaulting.

Speaking of what parkour means to him, Mohammad said: “Parkour is more of an art than a sport. Parkour is kind of a philosophy. Not everyone can do it. It challenges the imagination.”

For Mohammed, Abdullah, and the latest generation of young Palestinians to have grown up in the camp under-educated and unemployed, it is the ultimate means of escape.

According to UNRWA are more than half a million of Gaza’s population (total population is approximately 1,9 mil) living in refugee camps.

The refugee camps in Gaza have one of the highest population densities in the world.