Jerusalem court mitigates charge against Israeli soldier who killed Palestinian teenager

Jerusalem/ PNN/

An Israeli court in Jerusalem on Sunday has charged Israeli border policeman with wrongful death for killing Palestinian teenager in 2014 reducing his sentence from manslaughter under a plea bargain.

Israeli border police officer, Ben Deri was originally indicted on charges of manslaughter in the May 15, 2014 killing of 17-year-old Nadeem Nawara. The indictment accused Deri of knowingly firing live ammunition with intent to cause Nadeem “serious injury, while foreseeing the possibility of causing his death”, however in January, the prosecution said it will offer Deri a plea deal to the lesser charge of negligent killing, claiming he was unaware there was live ammunition in his rifle magazine.

Siyam Nawara, Nadeem’s father of the martyr said in an interview with Quds Press that a verdict is expected to be announced on September 27, pointing that the family refuses to sign the plea bargain.

The Israeli Supreme Court rejected the family’s petition to refuse the plea bargain, he added.

Siyam explained that under the new bargain Deri will only serve a maximum of five years in prison while the punishment for manslaughter could reach up to 20 years.

“There is a video that proves that it was murder in cold blood, and all the proof and the autopsy of the body say that Deri is the murderer,” Siyam told Israel’s Channel 2 on December. “We don’t need a plea bargain, we have 70 witnesses that were there, and hard evidence.”

Nadeem Nawara, a 17-year-old at the time was shot dead by Deri in 2014 during confrontations with the Israeli army during Nakba Day demonstrations in the West Bank village of Beitunia, near Ramallah.