Israel makes additional cuts on electricity supply to Gaza

Jerusalem/ PNN/

The Israel Electric Corporation on Tuesday made further cuts on the electricity supply to Gaza by an addition 6 megawatts, according to Mohammed Thabet, spokesman for Gaza’s electricity authority has said.

The cuts were carried out on two electric lines carrying power to the western part of Gaza City and to the north of the Gaza Strip, and would result in these areas receiving just two and a half to three hours of electricity per day, Thabet said.

The Israeli corporation on Monday morning have started by reducing 8 megawatts of the electricity capacity feeding Gaza from Israeli lines as an initial step to implement the recently announced decisions to gradually reduce power provided to Gaza.

The Energy Authority deplored this step of reducing power provided to Gaza saying it was a “dangerous step,” adding that the occupation and the parties responsible for this action must take full responsibility for the serious consequences of this decision.

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